WiFi Plans
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The OlyPen Metro-Net
Wireless Plans

Metro-Net will offer two types of commercial Internet service starting November 15, 2012:

  1. Mobile WiFi Service

    Cellular data plans (3G/4G) can be expensive and even restrict how much you can enjoy the Internet because of data limits. With OlyPen Metro-Net, there are no megabyte restrictions. Use as much Wi-Fi as you want and save money.

      Trial   FREE 1 hour
      One hour free trial access. Some site and content restrictions may apply.
      Limited to 1 contiguous hour per day.

      Lite   $5.95 Daily
      Unlimited access for 24 hours.

      Pro   $15.95 Weekly
      Unlimited 24 hour access for 7 days.

      Enterprise   $34.95 Monthly
      Monthly subscription, Unlimited 24 hour access.

  2. Fixed-Point Internet Service

    Metro-Net Fixed-Point Internet service is similar to cable, DSL and other forms of broadband Internet services. Fixed-Point service does not require a phone or cable lines brought to the customer's residence or business. Instead, Metro-Net relies on wireless technology to deliver the "last mile" connection.

      Basic   $17.95 Monthly
      24/7 Unlimited access 1.5Mbps downstream / 896Kbps upstream

      Advanced   $27.95 Monthly
      24/7 Unlimited access 3.0Mbps downstream / 1.0Mbps upstream

      Premium   $37.95 Monthly
      24/7 Unlimited access 6.0Mbps downstream / 1.2Mbps upstream

      * Price does not include CPE (add $4.00/month) and install fee ($59.95).