WiFi Plans
Mobile / Fixed
The OlyPen Metro-Net
Wireless Network

Metro-Net is one of the first city-wide wireless systems in the nation designed to improve public safety and increase affordable internet access for residents and businesses.

Metro-Net offers two types of commercial Internet services:

  1. Mobile WiFi Service

    Most people are probably familiar with Wireless Hotspot services available in many Airports, Motels, Hotels and Internet Cafes. Metro-Net Mobile Service is very similar but on a much larger scale as it covers the entire city of Port Angeles. Connecting is easy and simple; simply connect to "OlyPen Metro-Net" on your wireless device, then open your web browser to login.

    For occasional users, OlyPen offers one hour of free service per day. For people who required more active Mobile service, OlyPen offers daily, weekly and monthly packages starting at only $5.95. For more details, simply connect to "OlyPen Metro-Net" and open your web browser to view our Metro-Net information page.

  2. Fixed-Point Internet Service

    Metro-Net Fixed-Point Internet service is similar to cable, DSL and other forms of broadband Internet services in that a device commonly referred to as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), in this case a radio transceiver, must be installed at the customer's residence or business. Unlike cable or DSL however, Metro-Net Fixed-Point service does not require a phone or cable lines brought to the customer's residence or business. Instead, Metro-Net relies on wireless technology to deliver the "last mile" connection.